After-School Workshops

Workshop times and locations

Primary Years 1–6

Eastwood Public School (Mondays)

Haberfield Public School (Tuesdays)

Annandale North Public School (Thursdays)

Secondary Years 7–12

Years 7-9 (Tuesday evenings)
Years 10–12 (Wednesday evenings)

50 terms of experience, 75,000 participants, immeasurable enjoyment

The Writing Workshop was founded by novelist and picture book author Bernard Cohen in 2006. Since then we've written with over 75,000 participants – from five years old to school-leavers – and read aloud over half a million pieces of imaginative writing. Our participants have won national writing prizes, been included in major anthologies, broadcast on radio, earned scholarships and selective school places, gained the confidence to read in public, learned fascinating techniques, broken through writing blocks, invented incredible characters and scenarios and had a lot of fun.

"At the beginning of the term kids always wants to do lots of out-of-school activities, however this is the only one which independently motivates her every week" - Year 2 Parent.

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Learn more about our approach. Meet our workshop leaders - all are published authors.