Online Creative Writing Workshops

How they work

Our online workshops provide personalised feedback from published authors. The current workshop leader is author, ghost-writer and online educator Lynda Delacey.

1. Workshops take place in a password protected blog interface. We aim to return feedback on posted work within a week.

2. Workshops are exercise-based, undertaken at the child’s own pace. We encourage self-motivated children and young people to engage with them to their best, and feedback is aimed at expanding and re-drafting.

3. The exercises cover prose narrative across a range of facets, reportage, poetry and other forms of the child’s choice.

4. We provide personal feedback on each post. We want children to use their creativity and imagination to drive their work, and we encourage experimentation within the goals of each exercise.

5. There is no fixed starting date. On enrolment, we will supply a username and password, and your child can immediately commence the workshop.

Children's Online Writing Workshop
for young people aged 7–10

The workshop comprises eight writing tasks (and second drafts) over 6 months, you will invent your own story world, populate it with unique and interesting characters and make brilliant events occur. This course complements our ongoing course for ages 10 and over. which has attracted young writers from all over the world. Complete an enrolment form (pdf) or contact us for more information.

Online Creative Writing Workshop
for ages 10 and up

The Writing Workshop's internet creative writing workshop for young people aged 10 and up takes place anywhere in the world through our password-protected blog interface. The workshops involve regular writing exercises and mentor feedback. Fill out an enrolment form (pdf) or contact us for more information.

Passion for writing

The Writing Workshop began in 2006. Since then we've written with over 75,000 participants – from five years old to school-leavers – and read aloud over half a million pieces of imaginative writing.

"Thank you for all the positive energy you put into the writing course. You really have a talent for engaging young writers. My son had a great time and it's great to see him write outside of the realms of his comfort zone. He has come home writing and already I can see some development in the area of characterisation and plot formation. He has asked to do another course which is fantastic. It was wonderful seeing so many children with a passion for writing in the same room" Year 2 Parent

More information

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